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There has been a radical change in the web designing to make accessible website design more appealing, fresh and user friendly.A set of various tools amalgamate the micro content in a new and useful ways. In Web 101, a smaller number of people have been writing for a larger number of readers, but with the passage of time, there has been an utter need to fill in gulf of info in a web page, and that is from where the concept of web 2 designs has come. As compared to the earlier designing website concepts the new design Web 2 strategy puts content as per how people search.But why this name: ‘web 2 design’?Many people describe resurgence in the web economy and new level of technological connection between web sites and services by the term “Web 2″. In a word, today’s website design is simple, bold, and elegant that delivers more with less do. Fewer, well-chosen and carefully selected visual elements to create the desired feel are the keys to direct the users’ sights straight to the main points of an affordable website design with it the presence of fewer and comprehensive words shape up the site’s look and feel properly.So many crucial attributes jointly make this possible in reality. Following are some of the important facets that make website design successful.SimplicityThe main purpose of the web 2 design is the simplicity and it is simpler than ever. A focused, clean and simple layout is eye soothing that makes today’s large and small business web design separate from the previous versions.Lots of unnecessary information is crammed sometimes that are barely relevant to the purpose of a page and will distract attention from the key content and navigation. And off course what we are seeing is the soft information like the first impression about the quality of the company, the sense of how approachable a service provider is, and whether the product we are seeing is right for you. Therefore, in that case our gaze should not be going elsewhere other than the main info.As a result, accessible website design professional should try concentrating on removing consciously unnecessary components, without sacrificing effectiveness and looking for alternative solutions that attain the same result more simply. Not just to decorate, but to communicate the relevant information with lines, words, shapes, color must be the search areas for a simple and accessible website design.Central LayoutIn common, the vast majority of sites these days are positioned centrally within the browser window as compared to the full-screen (liquid) or left-aligned / fixed-size layout done a few years ago.Whatever the nature of the sites: Custom website design, Database website design or E-commerce website design, the web sites look more simple, bold and honest when it sits straight in front & center. We should be economical to use the pixels to a more fervent look. White space here will route our eye view with clear-cut designing sense. A normal prescription is to place your site centrally unless you are not aesthetically opposed to do so.Fewer columnsAs compared to website design with 3-column, though not sometimes 4-column, today’s web design has seen sites with 2 clean columns, and oftentimes 3 also is the mainstream maximum.
With fewer columns, we can end up communicating any info more clearly. One recommended step is to use no more than 3 columns.
Separate top sectionsThere is nothing new about making the top of the screen distinct from the rest of the main content. Sites prepared this way actually carry out a distinct approach to the other sites commonly built. It is a good idea to clear the space at the top by placing logo and navigations boldly. Both the main branding and main navigation should be bold and clear. Put the logo on the top left and place main navigation right after it. By the use of bold, solid block of different color or tone and similar other alternatives the top section is made distinct from the rest of the page.Simple NavigationsThe site navigation structure must be clear, identifiable as navigation and it should be easy to interpret to the target audience. Clearly written, large and bold navigational links with specified color, tone and shape apart from the rest of the content is the look out for every web designer. In a way, navigation should be clearly distinguishable from non-navigation.Bold logosThe first impression a web site instills is ‘who we are?’, and that can be achievable by a clear, Strong, bold company logo. Now a day the company logo has been bigger and highlighted, incorporating the brand image, attitude and tone of voice. A good and brief logo that has a visual impact and that is recognizable and distinctive represents your brand’s personality and qualities on first viewing.Bigger TextCompared to older-style sites lots of web sites today have big text. Making fonts bigger will make the site usable to the viewers.However, making all the fonts bigger is sometimes destructive to the normal designing approach.
Simply use a base font size for your website, and make all other fonts relative to that one (e.g. font-size: 115%). This will make your website still cool looking. Inside a CSS file define your font-relevant settings and as usual: one font per web page is fine. Never use more than 3 different font-sizes.Bold Text IntroductionsMany sites lead with strong all-text headline descriptions. Off course there can be headlines about the services, but sometime graphical representation is worth mentioning, giving much relevance to the look and feel of the site as a whole. When it is required to use the bold text introduction, please use that on a simple background to convey the message.Strong and Intense ColorsColor always plays a vital role to enhance the importance of any specific area. In a creative website design also it has a different role when, you have a simple, stripped-out design. Here we can use color that is strong and bright and that draws the eyes to the items you want the visitor to notice.Simply, use them to divide the page into clear sections, and to highlight important elements. So many times we find that our attention drawn away from the real content for the confusing use of intense color outside the main page area.If color is used to attract the eye, the eyes get confused and the site will be chaotic and confusing. Therefore, remember to use color sparingly.Rich surfacesThe use of subtle 3D effects, sparingly, enhances the qualitative feel of the design. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that, the effects should not be overdone. Plainly avoid trying to make your entire design 3D-realistic, as that is more work and that will increase the page assets size; sometimes a little work goes a long way.GradientsIn case of the areas that would otherwise be flat color or tone, gradients soften them. Drop-shadows, the inner-glows and spectacular highlights we see on glass or plastic style buttons are there to soften any surface.ReflectionsReflections sometimes make the site design clean, simple and rich. The illusion of reflection on gradients is of two kinds: Highlights on shiny surface and shiny table effect! Some patterns, in this case, are very popular: realistic effects of water droplets, glass beads, shiny plastic buttons etc.Cute iconsThe use of Icons to say thousand words plays an important role in Web 2 design. Today we use fewer, better icons that carry more meaning. In comparison to the past website designs when there was a trend to use icons more, today we use clear text more extensively, and are less ready to litter a page with icons. In lots of the cases, a simple word is more effective. Icons, when used, should be easily identifiable and carry a clear meaning.

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Graphics came into being few years back and this has flourished to greater height with the passage of time. You can never see even a single application without the presence of graphic works. Can you just think for a minute and see the things that come in your mind whenever you think about the graphics? It is none other than the make of all the modern cartoons and movies with many three dimensional and extraordinary sound effects that can be considered as the chief application of different types of graphics. Now the things have developed far better and graphics is the main activity that has to be carried out while designing any marketing activities. You can never take a print out of brochures or even a business card without doing the final touch up using graphics.There are software for carrying out these tasks that usually ranges from the usual Microsoft paint software up to highly complicated animation soft wares like Maya and 3D max. there are many people interested in sharpening up a career in graphic by the name of graphic designers and they are constantly studying out many soft wares as well as tricks by carrying out different assignments that reflects different frames of the society. It is natural that you might need certain graphic work done but you can never think about doing it by yourself. If you have any intention of carrying out the task by studying the concept it is definitely going to take years to bring out the most perfect work. There are many firms functioning in the place with the aim of carrying out graphic design services from the customers that pertain to many graphic oriented works.At the same time there are also many freelancers working as graphic designers. You might be charged based on the volume of work and the level of perfection you require. Definitely you will have to pay good amount if you want to get things done by using high end soft wares and other multimedia cards. You can get these tasks done within short time frame with the help of firms. In case of freelances you can get the completed task for much cheaper rate but you can never consider the freelancers as reliable as you might be either accessing them through internet without having any prior contacts.